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At Heartland Ob/Gyn, we offer 3D/4D imaging of your baby.

3d-4d-baby-imageWe provide ultrasound services in our office. Typically, an ultrasound is performed at the beginning of your pregnancy to confirm the estimated due date. Around 20 weeks, a more detailed scan is done to check the anatomy of the baby. Additional ultrasounds may be medically warranted based on each person’s individual pregnancy.
Because this is not a diagnostic ultrasound, it is not designed to inform of complications or problems with the baby. This ultrasound is “just for fun” for mom and dad. The best images are usually caught between 28-30 weeks gestation. If you would like this service, please discuss with your provider so we can schedule your appointment during the appropriate time of your pregnancy. This ultrasound is not billable to insurance; therefore, payment is due at time of service. ***Ask us how to get your 3D4D Ultrasound at NO COST to you!!