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What are Heavy Periods?

Heavy periods are defined as greater than 80ml of bleeding each month or bleeding for more than 7 days a cycle. But how do you quantify 80ml of bleeding?

If you change a pad or tampon every 2 hours for one day or more each cycle or if your periods are affecting your daily activities, then you likely suffer from menorrhagia, the medical term for heavy periods.

How is it Treated?

If you suffer from heavy periods, there are treatment options available to you. The simplest treatment is the use of hormones such as birth control pills or progesterone pills. However, many women are unable to use these medications secondary to side effects or other medical conditions that inhibit hormonal use.,?

Another option is the use of an intrauterine device called Mirena that will provide a small amount of hormone just to the uterine lining that will stop the periods from occurring.

If you are done with child-bearing, permanent treatment options for menorrhagia include endometrial ablation or hysterectomy.